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4 Best Strategies To Recruit Tech Talent In 2022

David Law

Sun, 23 Oct, 2022

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Australia is going through a tech boom— and one that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In a tight market, companies constantly compete for the best tech professionals to survive and thrive. It’s a war for talent. These are the 4 best strategies to win it. 

Globally, tech talent is in high demand. In the UK, open tech jobs amount to 12% of the whole job market (that’s a lot). And in Australia, where the tech sector will expand to 1 million new jobs by 2030, highly skilled talent is in short supply.

If your company doesn’t move decisively to attract and recruit top tech talent, it might well be left behind. Emerging technologies drive innovation and success, but a talent shortage is the main barrier to implementation in 64% of cases.

Without the right talent, even the most ambitious company won’t keep up with an innovative market and will fall behind the competition— with potentially catastrophic results.

But all is not lost. If your company takes smart steps to recruit tech talent in 2022, it has enormous growth potential.

Here’s what our strategic recruitment experts recommend.

Essential strategies to acquire top tech talent.

Nowadays, the boom of tech startups and innovative companies gives top candidates their choice of employer. And with the normalisation of remote work, candidates can apply for the best jobs in the world, regardless of location.

This situation makes recruitment for technical roles more challenging than ever. These 4 steps will help you plan your company’s journey to better and more sustainable tech hiring.

1. Find effective sourcing channels.

Because of the well-known skills shortage, conventional sourcing channels are oversaturated. The talent pool is becoming increasingly shallow. As top talent is hard to come by (and often already employed), you need a different approach.

The first step is to think outside the box. Look for alternate channels for recruitment, such as social media, coding camps, or existing employees.

Be open to unexpected ideas: the right talent for the role might have a different educational background with carryover skills or a diverging employment trajectory that brings a unique perspective.

Track your sourcing channels closely. Then you can invest in the top performers and increase the quality of your talent pool over time.

2. Cultivate your employer brand.

With job ads no longer enough to attract top talent in a saturated job market, employer branding has already become crucial in recruiting.

Your employment brand is your company’s reputation as an employer. Because it indicates how employees and potential candidates perceive the experience of working with you, it can be an attractor for top talent. However, if you neglect your employer brand, recruitment will suffer and revenue will decline.

Strategically positioning your employer brand takes time. But you can get started today:

  • Understand what top tech talent is looking for in a job and a company.
  • Provide employees with development opportunities.
  • Cultivate the company values in everyday life.
  • Give your employees a voice on social media and community events.
  • Build a positive presence online and in the communities where you want to source talent.

3. Optimise your hiring process.

Once you have sourced and attracted tech talent, the hiring process needs to be well-oiled. An inefficient process is frustrating and wastes candidates’ energy and time— yet it is too frequent in the tech industry.

If top talent is irritated by a flawed hiring process, they will go to your competitors.

The solution is to refine your hiring process from the application to job offer. By making small changes, you can make a big difference to talent:

  • Keep job ads clear and concise, avoiding jargon and unnecessary details.
  • Leverage user-friendly tech systems to make the application process painless.
  • Use video tools (such as Fulcrum’s) to ease the interview stage and nurture diversity.
  • Prioritise fairness, transparency, and respect in your relationship with every candidate.
  • Provide a reliable point of contact to each candidate.

4. Prioritise top talent retention.

The War for Talent doesn’t end with hiring. The most valuable asset you have are your current employees. Sourcing and recruitment must not distract you from a long-term retention strategy.

Focus on providing talent opportunities to learn, grow, and expand their horizons. Work on nurturing healthy workplace culture. Prioritise talent’s main pain points, such as flexible hours and remote working possibilities.

Above all, build up your current employees so they can take over new open roles. This minimises costs and improves your employment brand, making you more effective at hiring.

Fulcrum: Choose strategic tech recruitment.

In an ever-changing talent marketplace, you need to stay flexible and work smart. But most importantly, you need structures that allow you to attract and hire talent efficiently and sustainably.

Work with Fulcrum’s embedded talent experts to build strategic recruitment processes. We match ambitious companies with aligned talent that ignites innovation and growth.

Ready to recruit top tech talent in 2022? Write to us today— we’re a friendly bunch!

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