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At Fulcrum, We’re Reimagining The Way We Build Teams

Madelyn Parovel

Wed, 9 Nov, 2022

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Our eight-step method to help you build trailblazing teams that do great things.

There are lots of factors that go into making a company successful. But the secret ingredient to achieving your vision and creating sustainable growth is people.

More specifically, hiring diverse top talent that is aligned with your culture and values and happy to be part of your team.

Recruiting teams matters.

Employees who feel they’re part of a team are more than twice as likely to be engaged than isolated individuals. And we all know that engaged employees are more productive, bringing about better results for their company.

But conventional recruitment isn’t designed to build successful teams for the long term. Instead, it focuses on supplying individual employees and filling emerging positions as they open up.

This limited recruitment focus can have dire consequences: loss of productivity, poor results, unhappy employees, falling behind the competition, and a declining employer brand that hinders your long-term success.

The sooner you switch to a sustainable, strategic, and team-focused approach to recruitment, the closer you are to reaching your goals.

At Fulcrum, we want to see your company thrive. We harness our knowledge of the recruitment, digital, and tech industries to craft a transformative talent strategy that’s tailored to your needs.

This is how we do it

1. We become part of your team.

To understand what talent, skills, and values your company needs, a recruiter needs to be part of your team first. We embed our Talent Partners in your company: they live and breathe your employer brand and culture— and are prepared to find the right talent fit. 

We believe commission-based recruitment is outdated and doesn’t provide a sustainable strategy. It lags behind the ever-changing and complex needs of your business today.

Our story begins when our founder David Law, who had previously been working in marketing and traditional recruitment, realised there was a lot of frustration in the process and it was an industry with a lot of misaligned incentives. In addition, he felt it was an industry that is relatively low on innovation across the last decade or so.

Ad hoc, individual recruitment wasn’t cutting it anymore. Without an in-house team, there was no way to create a cohesive, productive team and no control over the talent function.

So Fulcrum began with one idea: to work together with our clients and to put high-performing, aligned teams first.

Breaking away from the way recruitment is conventionally done in Australia meant developing a new set of tools. To help you hire top talent and create scalable teams, we use cutting-edge data analytics, video processes, and advanced employer brand marketing that delivers value.

2. We’re rethinking what being employed means.

Even before 2020, flexible work was on the rise globally. And the percentage of Australian professionals who want access to some kind of flexible work after the pandemic rises to 94%.

Research shows that employee satisfaction has lots to do with flexibility options, with 87% of talent stating they expect employers to support their work-life balance. Flexible hours also help achieve more productivity and help your employees succeed.

Overall, we know that flexibility in employment drives belonging, engagement, and trackable results, while lowering costly turnover.

At Fulcrum, we want to honour this shift in talent’s expectations. That’s why we take a tailored approach to fit your company, working on a project basis to create flexible teams that can (also) work on a project basis.

We also help you build a stellar employer brand that highlights your flexibility— and make it a reality through our video tools for the hiring process.

3. We’re helping your company get employee engagement right.

Happy teams are innovative, productive teams. Did you know that happy employees are 13% more productive? We know that, in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to make your employees feel valued. 

We want to connect your company with ambitious, passionate individuals excited to take on the hard work and reach goals together. Especially so when the chips are down.

When it comes to boosting employee engagement, a flexible approach is essential. Based on company culture and employee preferences, the priority can be flexible location, flexible hours, or another modality.

The key is to know what your aligned talent needs to be productive and deliver it— this is what we set out to discover.

4.We’re connecting people with what they really want.

Often, startup culture touts gimmicks (albeit fun ones) like on-site chefs, smoothie bars, and ping-pong tournaments. But in 2022, you need to put in more effort to discover and deliver what your top talent really wants.

Research by Seek found that, right now, top employee needs include:

  • Work-life balance
  • Good compensation
  • Job security
  • Good working conditions
  • Good relationships in the workplace
  • Mental health support

No matter the latest trends in office spaces, our priority is always to connect great people with great opportunities. Helping you provide these (and tailor your employer brand to reflect that) is what we do.

5. We support startups, scaleups, and big companies.

Today, startups aren’t the only companies to offer unique opportunities and working conditions. Big corporations are growing to adopt elements of startup culture (like flexibility and fast development). Besides, new companies can act like big players too.

We partner with enterprises of all sizes. Startup, scaleup, or an established company— we meet you where you’re now.

Our top goal is to match promising candidates with exceptional teams and roles where they will thrive. Sometimes, the best opportunities come up in unexpected places. 

6. We’re providing results-driving diversity.

The traditional model of recruitment too often tends to create teams that resemble the recruiter or existing employees. In the long term, this form of talent acquisition can debilitate your company’s resourcefulness and employer brand.

Research shows that diverse and inclusive teams perform better and generate more profits than their more homogeneous counterparts. Besides, 80% of Australian talent says that a company’s inclusive reputation is a pivotal factor when applying for a job.

But still, almost half of Australians state that their employer doesn’t seek diversity nor foster an inclusive culture. Unless your company embraces diversity and inclusion practices, you’ll be missing out on profits and long-term growth.

For your company, more diversity might look like intentionally hiring people with varied backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, or nationalities.

At Fulcrum, we help you put these principles into practice. We use sophisticated data tools to combat recruitment bias and video processes to make the interview process more accessible. 

7. We’re balancing AI and the human element.

In our innovative approach to recruitment, implementing AI means harnessing machine learning to bring about better human outcomes.

Machine learning can help your company find more diverse and qualified candidates, widen the talent pool, sort through applicants for a better culture fit, and improve hire quality over time. Of course, AI is there to serve humans— and not the other way around.

8. We’re building successful teams together.

There are many great ideas in the world. But the one thing that makes them a reality is people. That’s why, at Fulcrum, we’re passionate about making your ideas happen by consistently connecting your company to top talent.

Our mission is to reinvent the future of recruitment: fairer, faster, sustainable, and more effective.

That’s why we work together with you to build happy and diverse teams that bring your company’s vision to life. We want to support talented people and visionary companies on their way to sustainable, lasting success.

Do you want to create transformative recruitment practices and engaged, productive teams? Write to us— we’re always happy to design a winning strategy and help you build your high-performing team.

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