5 Templates To Rejecting Candidates With Humanity

Human Touch Goes a Long Way

It’s much easier to keep your focus on delivering good news and racking up another hiring victory. Nevertheless, rejection letters are part of the recruitment process.

Regardless of whether or not they are hired by your company, our email templates are designed to remove some of the awkwardness.

What’s inside?

  • Here are four ways to acknowledge and thank candidates even if you don’t choose them for the job.
  • You can help the candidate cope with rejection by following these six tips.
  • Guide to enhancing employer branding through authentic communication.

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    There's no easy way to send a rejection letter to a candidate after they've put time and effort into interviewing with your company.

    However, putting in the effort to give feedback particularly if it comes across as thoughtful and genuine - it goes a long way.

    Still Not Sure?

    Go beyond the cold, formal and old-fashioned templated language by taking a few minutes extra to inject a human touch into your letters of rejection.

    You’ll feel better about sending those emails, and in the long term, candidates will think about your company more positively, thus positively affecting your Employer Brand.