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When it comes to recruitment and retention, a strong employer brand is one of the most important assets. For most companies, their employer brand centres around reviews on Seek Companies or Glassdoor or their brand message on LinkedIn InMails.

So you have to get it right.

The best brands have the best people. And by that, we mean a diverse group of skilled and motivated people who are clear on the company’s purpose and the role they play in achieving it.

At Fulcrum, we combine our expertise in research, employer branding, recruitment, and people strategy to transform how businesses attract and engage talent. This is all offered on a monthly subscription basis with no hidden costs and everything included.

Why your talent brand matters.


Improve talent quality— up to 50% better qualified for the job. Consistent attraction, and retention of candidates with the right fit.


Reduce hiring time by up to 50%. Giving you a bigger pool of better qualified applicants.


Improve your hiring cost by up to 43%. Hiring costs go up 10% when you have a weak employer reputation.


Creating a better cultural fit and a good candidate experience means increased engagement and productivity. Reduce your costly turnover by up to 28%.

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Our Services

Our senior team have worked with some of Australia’s best brands prior to Fulcrum. We’ve lived through the challenges you face, that’s why our solutions work so well.

From implementing proven hiring to systems and process reviews, 2-way live video interviews, employer brand content and job fit assessments – we’ve got you covered.

Video Interviews

We interview all talent through our innovative 2-way video interview platform, Fulcrum Vision.
We conduct a live recording and ask the questions you would typically ask at the first round stage, saving you time and costs in the hiring process.

Social Media

We work alongside you to shape your social strategy into an attractive, authentic reflection of your company’s culture. We help design a targeted content calendar to attract the right candidates.


Captivating top quality images elevate your brand’s authenticity and relevance. Our studio works to bring your employee content to life and bring you the engagement you want.


Our experts provide industry-leading content to position your company as a thought leader in the field. Well-researched content is a must to cement you as an aspirational talent brand.

Video Content

54% of consumers respond more to video content from their favourite brands. We help you devise a winning video strategy to drive your brand engagement.

Job Fit Assessment

Test for the things that really matter before making your final decision. We use Job Fit in our process, it is a great tool to help you find candidates with the right skills and culture fit for your company.

What our clients say

“I very much see Fulcrum as part of the business. They’re our people partners.”

Simon Rutherford
CEO, Slingshot

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