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Don’t Send Many Job Applications’ Do This Instead…

David Law

Sun, 14 Apr, 2019

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Recruiters and hiring managers have seen it all. From inappropriate questions at interviews and odd outfits to insincere and straight out weird candidates. While not going as far as those stories (thank goodness), sending several job applications to the same company will still not get you hired.


This is what we call a misguided CV. It’s not about the quality of the CV itself, but about the fact the candidate used it to apply for several different openings.


The thousand job applications myth


In the beginning, it might seem like a good idea. After all, if you really want to work at that company so badly, surely sending your CV in many times will increase your odds to get hired. Right?


Nope! Hiring experts are adamant— there’s nothing to be gained from applying to several jobs within the same organisation at once.


Even if you’re more or less qualified to do all of those jobs, this is not a wise course of action and it’ll actually make getting hired less likely.


Why applying for many jobs doesn’t work


Have you ever done this? No matter— everyone’s made some career mistakes. But you can use this article to start designing a better professional strategy.


Let’s take a look at why sending many job applications won’t work, and what you can do to improve your chances.


Your true motives are showing


Think of the basic laws of supply and demand. Too much supply, the price goes down. If you’re offering too much of a good thing, you’ll seem too eager and the value of what you have to give will drop.


In the same way, sometimes a hiring manager has, say, five open positions and gets the same CV for all of them. What then? They’re going to think you have other motives than sincerely wanting to grow professionally.


That tells the hiring manager that whoever sent multiple applications is more interested in the company culture than in the challenges of the position. Hiring such a person would end up in no success, unmet goals, lots of frustration on both sides.


Do this instead— Hold out for The One


When you’re looking for a new job, this should be your most important consideration, ‘When you look at your entire CV, what do you imagine as the next logical step in your journey?’


Now, do any of the open positions at your dream company match that description?


If the answer is yes, go get it! But if there’s nothing of the sort, don’t submit applications for other roles. Keep your eyes peeled for a position that suits your experience and qualifications.


A sneaky (in a good way) tip: network your heart out and establish a relationship with someone currently in the company. This’ll help you leverage your CV into a suitable position later!


You’re saying ‘I’m aimless’


As a results-driven team or hiring manager, you want to hire people who’ll be able to keep up with you. That means someone who thinks in terms of challenges and solutions and who knows where they’re going.


A candidate who has taken the time to think about their professional growth and knows what the objective is is valuable. Why? They show they’re used to identifying and working on problems, they stay motivated, and they have the willpower to craft their own journey.


Sending tons of applications for different roles says you’re aimless and haphazard— quite the opposite of the impression you want to make.


Do this instead— Become goal-oriented


You really like this company. We get it. But becoming goal-oriented asks you to identify what you want and just what elements of the company help you at this stage of your journey.


It’s a good idea to make a list of those thoughts, then think of what kind of position will suit you best right now. Update the list as you progress and, when you’re tempted to send an application (or a hundred), hold yourself to it.


You have everything it takes to get to your career goals— you just have to work for it. Learning to manage your effort and staying true to yourself are the most important bits of the challenge. You’ve got to set your eyes on the finish line and wait until the right moment to strike. Cheers!


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