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The Two Best Ways to Use Video In The Hiring Process

David Law

Sun, 14 Apr, 2019

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Video content reigns supreme in today’s digital and marketing game. It’s everywhere and still on the rise. The experts at Business Insider state that, by 2021, 81% of all IP traffic will be different forms of video. And it’s not just for fun— these figures include business traffic as well as consumer traffic.


In today’s world, this is a fact: video is a highly effective way of communicating your brand and finding the best talent on the market. We also know that visual content makes up 60% of the brain’s input and that, simply put, people enjoy looking at videos more than reading texts containing the same information.


However, many businesses are still not making the most of it. Why does this happen?


The two best ways to use video for business


The reason why many brands and companies do not succeed at using video content for growth is this: they do not understand the strategy behind it.


In order to use video in the hiring process, a business needs to formulate a comprehensive, articulate strategy that targets all the main needs and wants of candidates.


This strategy has two distinct essential components: boosting engagement and streamlining the hiring process.


Using video content for engagement


Your first goal is to catch the eye by offering interesting, exciting content that showcases your brand in the best light.


This is key to generating a good rapport with candidates: they need to feel close to your brand, its values, and its culture. If you create this engaged relationship, you are more likely to get involved applicants that are eager to work in your business.


Culture video content


Nowadays, candidates care more about company culture: values and work environment are becoming increasingly important to attract young and coveted talent. Use video to highlight these aspects, making sure to include employee and CEO testimonials as well as a view of the workspace.


Social video content


Professional social platforms are key to engaging with the right candidates. You can use video content to reach niche demographics and target your goal audience with location, skills, and other filters. When it comes to social content impact, videos should have strong calls to action.


Job specs video content


When you are trying to fill a position with the right candidate, it makes sense to make the job description as appealing and full of opportunities for growth. And, again, the best way to do that is through video content. Use video to convey value that is consistent and on-brand, pairing it up with interesting office shots and links to other branded content. But remember: good-quality, arresting video comes first.


Advertising video content


No list would be complete without mentioning ad video content. In today’s marketplace, any company that wants to stay relevant and competitive needs to use this tool. And why not working with it to promote an important open position? Make sure to keep the video engaging and add the main points that an applicant needs to know: tasks, responsibilities, growth opportunities, and inspiring projects in the near future.


Using video content for the hiring process


After you generate engagement and excitement for your content, the next step is to streamline your hiring process for maximum effectiveness. Our data shows that, when using video, hiring the right candidate takes up to 30% less time. The results: reduced direct and indirect costs, better team morale, and better hires.


Job intro video by the recruiter


Part of our strategy for your company involves creating competitive video content that entices the right candidates to work with you. This is much better than a text presentation: higher engagement and information tolerance let us feature the position much better. Being simple and quick to watch, candidates get details on key points like goals, benefits, and organisational structure.


Job intro video by the hiring manager


Just like the recruiter intro videos, we like to prompt hiring managers to create their own. Why is it so important? It creates a more direct and involved relationship between our clients and the talent they want to attract. Seeing and hearing the person (or people) they will work with is a huge benefit and reassurance for candidates.


Video for candidate profiles


Screening interviews are part of the traditional hiring protocol and, typically, help you weed out unsuitable candidates who still looked great on paper. But, even if conducted over the phone, they still take time. Our process, however, uses candidate profile videos that feature their background, experience and, most importantly, what you can’t read on a CV— personality and communication style. Thanks to this, the hiring process runs smoothly.


Share your video interviews and get feedback


Another typical hurdle when it comes to the conventional interview process is feedback. We simplify it: our platform allows you to choose your questions for candidates and, then, we carry out a 2-way recorded interview with each one. Finally, you can open the video on any device, share it with your colleagues, and give your feedback— all in just one place.


Using video content for business does require a global strategy, but also pays off. With effectively targeted video, your company gets higher engagement with the best candidates and a smooth, fast hiring process. Work with us to make it happen!


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