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Choosing the Right Recruitment Approach: In-house, Agency, or Embedded?

David Law

Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

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Are you struggling to optimise your resources and find the right talent for your organisation? You’re not alone. Many companies face the challenge of deciding whether to build their own in-house talent team, utilise recruitment services from an agency, or work with embedded recruitment providers like Fulcrum. Each option offers unique benefits and drawbacks that can significantly impact your recruitment strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll explore these three approaches in detail. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of building an in-house team, buying recruitment services from an agency, and borrowing recruiters through embedded services. Additionally, we’ll provide tips and best practices for creating a successful recruitment process, regardless of the route you choose. Let’s dive in!

Creating an In-house Team

Building an in-house talent team can offer significant benefits to your organisation, such as greater control over the recruitment process and a better understanding of company culture. However, it’s important to consider the drawbacks, including higher overhead costs and the time required to build a team from scratch.

To ensure success, hire experienced recruiters or train generalists. Experienced recruiters can quickly find qualified candidates, while generalists can be trained in specific areas like interviewing techniques or understanding your company culture.

Keep your in-house team productive and engaged by setting clear goals and expectations, providing regular feedback, offering incentives, and rewarding good performance. Tracking progress and meeting targets ensures everyone stays focused.

An effective recruitment process is key. Set up a system to track applicants through each step, create a database of past applicants for future positions, and utilise employee referral programs to find great candidates.

Leveraging Recruitment Agencies

Utilising the services of an agency can be beneficial. Agencies have access to a wider range of candidates and provide vital services such as background checks, pre-employment assessments, and onboarding assistance. Before choosing an agency, review factors like fees, services rendered, and types of potential applicants. Investigate reviews from past clients to gain insight into the quality of service.

Contact potential agencies to get detailed information about their fees and services to make an informed decision. When developing job descriptions with the agency, ensure all necessary qualifications and desirable skills are outlined to identify the ideal candidate efficiently. Set a timeline for each stage to keep the process on track.

After hiring through an agency, assess the recruitment process in terms of cost efficiency, quality of service, and time-to-hire. This evaluation will help improve success rates and save money over time.

Utilising Embedded Recruitment Services

Embedded recruitment services can save time and money. These services provide contract workers or full-time employees from a staffing partner, depending on the duration needed. When selecting a partner, consider their experience with similar roles and industries and their competitive rates.

Advantages include cost savings from not needing recruiting software or HR personnel, the ability to scale quickly without direct hiring, less risk associated with staffing decisions, and access to diverse companies for recruiters. Ensure success by setting clear expectations, maintaining open communication, and using incentives like bonuses to motivate recruiters. Track progress using metrics such as time-to-hire rates and sources of hire to adjust strategies if needed.

When to Build Your Team

Building a talent team is crucial. Consider factors such as the need for specialised skills, the importance of culture and values in hiring, the necessity of speed, and the need for control over recruitment processes. An internal team allows for greater oversight and ensures hires fit into the company culture. An effective recruitment process with tracking and database capabilities can improve efficiency. Clear goals and expectations for recruiters, along with regular feedback or incentives, help maintain focus and motivation.

However, consider the potential drawbacks, including overhead costs and the difficulty of scaling operations due to budget or timeline constraints. Weigh these considerations carefully before deciding to build an in-house talent team.

When to Choose an Agency

When considering external recruitment services, understand the potential benefits and drawbacks. An agency can help scale quickly and fill vacancies efficiently. The cost savings and quality of candidates can be invaluable.

However, do your research when selecting an agency. Assess their reputation, terms, and conditions before signing any contracts. Negotiate rates upfront and establish a clear timeline for the recruitment process. Be aware of legal implications, such as employment contracts or labour laws.

External recruitment services can save time and money, but due diligence is essential to get the most out of the investment and avoid potential issues.

When to Opt for Embedded Services

For quick talent acquisition, embedded recruitment services offer flexibility and efficiency. These services provide specialised experience and expertise, handling the entire recruitment process from candidate selection to onboarding. This approach can be more cost-effective than using an agency.

Embedded recruiter solutions can be tailored to specific needs and budget constraints, offering short or long-term solutions. Incentives like bonuses or referral bonuses can motivate recruiters and provide additional cost savings. Tracking progress through metrics helps adjust strategies and maximise the investment in borrowed talent teams.

Research potential recruits thoroughly and consider legal implications before signing contracts. Embedded recruitment services can get the right people for your team while saving time and money.

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