MFA Media Agencies Talent Insights Report

The State of Media Agencies

In our latest Talent Insights Report, we feature agencies that are members of the Media Federation of Australia (MFA).

The MFA is an alliance of media agencies who represent the common interests in the media industry and represents over 90% of all media agency placed media billings in Australia. 

What’s inside?

  • Find out which agencies are growing at the fastest pace.
  • Discover how many people are actively seeking a new role.
  • Learn which agencies have the best retention and who is suffering from the highest attrition.
  • Further Insights into gender diversity, top associated job titles and where the talent is distributed across Australia.

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    The media agency labour market in Australia remains tight and it’s predicted that competition for talent with in-demand skills will remain fierce in 2023.Understand how your agency compares against others across a number of key areas.

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    Still Not Sure?

    High vacancy, poaching, huge churn. These are the common themes when we look at the last 12 months data.

    Find out more about where talent lies and which agencies are ahead of the pack when it comes to growth and retention rates.