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8 Reasons Why an Event Sales Role Is the Way to Go

David Law

Wed, 22 May, 2019

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Whether you’re a hopeful salesperson looking for an attractive industry niche or a seasoned pro trying to diversify, you should seriously consider a role in event sales. We happen to think working in event sales is great for your career! It’s fun, diverse, and offers you a clear professional trajectory.


But don’t take our word for it— let’s take a look at the 8 key reasons you should get serious about finding an event sales position asap.


1. Demand for event sales roles is high.


Events are extremely popular. Ergo, you need lots of people working to make sure they go seamlessly and the sales goals are met. When it comes to the supply-and-demand balance in event sales roles, the scales are always heavier on the side of demand. If you position yourself well, you’ll have great chances of scoring a job you love.


2. The industry is varied.


Tech, property, high fashion, energy, you name it— everyone does events. You’re bound to find a corner in the industry that appeals to you. Think of what you’re passionate about and start researching!


3. You get to travel.


If you’re working in sales (or dreaming of a sales career), chances are you’re drawn to the fast-pace and excitement that characterizes this industry. Working in event sales has you embracing that spirit, as you’ll most likely have to travel to complete assignments all over the world. You’ll work with geographically diverse companies and even go check out competing events. Interesting, right?


4. Events always stay relevant.


B2B events will always be a thing— they’re crucial for businesses to stay in touch with the latest industry developments and, of course, for networking purposes. This is value nothing else can provide. So, no matter how many markets and products come and go, events will always be a staple.


5. The path forward is clear.


If you have a clear-cut progression track, working hard gets so much sweeter. In event sales, you have well-established achievement stages to go through and you always know where you’re headed next.


It looks something like this: you start your career in delegate sales, go forward into exhibit sales, and then into high-value sponsorship sales. Within these, there are different role tiers (executives, managers, event directors) and specialised paths like account management.


6. More face-to-face interaction.


Maybe you’re one of those rare specimens that love to conduct sales over the phone. But (let’s face it) most of us aren’t really into that, preferring to deal with clients directly instead. Event sales offer just that— face-to-face relationships with long-term collaboration potential and the chance to grow the flow of your business exponentially.


7. Seeing the product unfold.


With event sales, the clients’ interaction with the product happens in real time, unfolding before your eyes. This element of immediate reward is what draws a lot of people into this branch of the industry. And they’re not wrong: it’s a lot of fun!


8. Finding a role is simple.


Event sales specialists are always in demand. And you’re in the right place to capitalise on that— by working with Fulcrum, you can find a role to suit your needs and experience level and start building an event sales career that you love.


Are you interested in working in event sales? Work with us to get you on track today!


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