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Five Tips To Make The Agency To Client-Side Move

David Law

Sun, 5 May, 2019

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Making the momentous move from your experience working in an agency to a new client-side position can definitely feel daunting. But, for many nowadays, it’s the right and logical step in your professional journey.


Big names like Woolworths are heralding an end to the golden age of agencies. More and more companies are now hiring their own media and marketing experts to work in-house, living and breathing the brand.


Of course, each of these options (agency and client-side work) have their pros and cons. But if you’ve already decided to switch to the client’s side of things (see what I did there?), there are a few things you can do to make the transition smoother.


These are omy’ top 5 tips to get a good gig in client-side marketing and adapt to it successfully.


1. Do the freelance thing


Taking freelance gigs might seem like a non sequitur. Aren’t you looking for a more stable position, after all? This is why it makes sense: working on a contract or as a freelancer can help you gain more proven experience working directly with clients. Plus you might be able to negotiate a more permanent position if you did a great job as a freelancer.


2. Positioning rules


You’ve got to influence the way the client (or prospective employer) sees you and your abilities. How do you make sure they see you in the best possible light?


To make the move from agency to client-side, focus on highlighting the ways your agency experience overlaps with the in-house role you want. What sectors have you successfully worked in? What tasks and skills have you mastered? Find a way to clearly show how these will benefit your new position.


3. Grow your personal brand


Everyone is drawn to a professional that works to share valuable knowledge. If you publicly present yourself as an expert, you’re more likely to get the expert roles you want. Build your personal brand. Become an influencer on social media and LinkedIn. Show that you know the market and have something of value to contribute to it.


4. Be a salary realist


Ideally, you’d always get a pay rise when you move to a new position. Keep in mind that, when going from agency to client-side, this might not happen— or, at least, not initially. The likely reason: your new employer wants to wait and see just how well you adjust to your new responsibilities. If you prove you’re an effective hire, chances are you will get that salary rise soon.


5. Stay grounded


By all means, be optimistic. But keep in mind that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, this is a pretty big change. You might not be able to find a position outright and, when you do find it, it could take you a while to adjust. But, if you stay grounded in the reasons you’re doing this, you’ll get through the hard part much faster. Don’t forget your goals!


If you apply these 5 tips in your search for a new client-side marketing position, you’re bound to find a job that both challenges you and suits your needs. Happy job hunting!


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