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The 3 Types Of Leaders That Attract Top Talent

David Law

Thu, 12 Mar, 2020

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When your team contains the best talent in the industry— which, if you use our tips for attracting top talent, is a done thing— it needs just the right leadership. That means a leader that can balance horizontal and vertical management styles to support the needs of your top performers and solve any efficiency-sapping problems.

But it’s not always easy to find the right leader for high-performing talent. In today’s competitive environment, they need to be someone with a great peer reputation. Someone other professionals enthusiastically want to work with to develop their careers.

This means that exceptional leadership matters more than ever—  seeing a reputable guide at the head of a team proactive movers and shakers will convince top candidates to approach and join the company. 

What are the types of leaders that will always attract the top candidates, even in a highly competitive hiring environment?

1. The leader that builds team unity and positive culture.

This is the ideal type of leader to steer a conflictive team of driven but clashing or underperforming professionals in a more focused direction. They infuse a sense of comradeship and unity in a mismanaged team. 

  • They mediate in difficult situations— Siloed teams are unproductive and lack good communication. This type of leader builds connections between members that are uncooperative or simply have different communication styles. They achieve uniform efficiency working in projects by making their team feel they’re in the same boat.

  • They manage underperforming teammates— If a talented team doesn’t have strong leadership, even its most brilliant members could be underperforming. This leader can identify the draining situation and address it by reassigning the employee or give them the right tools and motivation to succeed.

  • They understand motivating factors— This leader is savvy in what makes their team tick and knows what inspirational tools to use to get their employees to give their best on the daily. There’s no denying it, the most basic of the top motivating factors is a solid benefits package— but this attractive leader goes beyond:

    – Makes the team feel their work is appreciated and providing engaging work that is fresh, interesting, and feeds the soul.
    – Creates an atmosphere of ‘being in the know’— few things are more rewarding to employees than understanding the vision and how their work is making it come to life.
    –  Understands personal or professional crises an employee might face and doesn’t devalue them for it but is ready to offer support.

  • They see the big picture— The main reason this leader is perfect to rehabilitate divided teams is their holistic vision. When faced with a challenge or a difficult decision, their go-to question is, ‘How do we create a more high-functioning environment that nourishes the entire organisation?’. What’s more, they instil this unifying vision in their team.

This type of leader is highly engaging for top talent, as they create a well-oiled system that connects teammates in a common, unified goal and deliberately tackle challenges to create a thriving atmosphere. They are usually great teachers and people-persons.

2. The leader that builds shared vision and responsibility.

This leader shines a spotlight on their team’s best strengths and talents without fear of being eclipsed. Their objective— to leverage everyone’s skills and contributions to the good of the whole. By exuding confidence and empowering those around them, they encourage the team to think of the company as their own.

  • They encourage contribution and recognise results— Instead of going forward alone, this type of leader includes their team by asking for input, decision advice, and solution ideas. When a team-sourced idea is implemented and succeeds, they always recognize and reward the source employees publicly.

  • They entrust teams with stretch goals— They know their employees are empowered when handed a project or goal and given the freedom to push for the best results. This kind of trust develops talent and favours efficient problem-solving in employees.

  • They steer a shared vision— This leader understands the general mission of the organization and can translate that into everyday team steerage. When working towards this unified vision, they take care to facilitate their team’s work and shield them from barriers to progress.

This is a leader that selflessly drives each team member to better themselves and develop their individual skills while making sure everyone is clear on their role’s contribution and shared mission. By offering their team the confidence and freedom to fully use their skills for the company’s benefit, this leader attracts driven and hard-working top talent.

3. The leader that makes trailblazing possible.

This kind of leader is their team’s spearhead and will always fan the flame of discoveries and new ways of doing things. Ideal to recruit the true movers and shakers in a highly competitive industry: these candidates know that this leader will embrace their initiative and help develop their desire to change the status quo.

  • They appreciate creativity in their team— All too often, creative thinkers will tamper down ideas that seem too  ‘out-there’ for fear of losing their jobs or being seen as a negative disruptor. But this trailblazing leader is devoted to creating a free-thinking environment where creative employees feel safe enough to voice their vision and valued for their contribution.

  • They support creative talent— This leader gives creative talent room to expand and material to work with. They nourish their team with challenges that encourage innovative collaboration (instead of competition) and reward risk-takers.

  • They lead the way forward— Rather than leave all the creative work to their talented team, this leader actively seeks opportunities to disrupt the status quo in a positive direction. That means being aware of the global company picture and balancing the conventional ways of doing things with nontraditional approaches better suited to the new business landscape.

Young, exceptional, proactive talent wants to work in companies that are looking towards the future instead of languishing in the past. If a leader has a forward-thinking, pioneering reputation, they’ll attract candidates that want to grow alongside the company in a development-oriented team setting. 

Showcase your company’s exceptional leadership to draw top candidates.

Solid leadership with a brilliant status can become a big encouraging factor for top candidates. A good way to showcase your value-driving leaders is crafting an involved, face-to-face interview process right from the start. 

At Fulcrum, we’re devoted to connecting your company with the best professionals in the industry. Our FulcrumVision video platform captures candidates’ attention by improving flexibility and guaranteeing authentic personal conversations with their future leaders and managers.

To work with us and engage the best up-and-coming talent, write us today. You have the leaders, you have the chance— what are you waiting for?

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