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3 Ways To Shine In A Virtual Work World

David Law

Fri, 10 Jul, 2020

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While some companies are starting to let their employees return to their offices as states are now reopening across Australia, many organizations are still following orders to stay at home and allowing employees to work remotely in COVID-19. While it might seem hard to stand out as a top-performing employee within your company, especially when working from home, there are ways you can set yourself apart from the pack. Here are three ways to make a virtual work environment stand out.

Prepare Team meetings and WIPS ahead of time

Be prepared for each one of your one on ones, WIPs and team meetings is essential. Be sure to create an agenda in advance, even if that’s just for your eyes. It’s easy to slack off in a virtual environment but you want your team and colleagues to see that you’re organised and that you can streamline meetings. Provide ideas aside from creating agenda items for meetings that can further propel your business forward. You can also brainstorm possible solutions to the problems that your team is having. To give value, it’s essential that you can make the job of your manager easier and help your organisation succeed.

Make sure you deliver transparent and concise communication

The key to success within the workplace is consistently clear and open communication, especially when working remotely. Being proactive when communicating project updates or advocating for more direction with respect to a task is critical. If you don’t hear from a colleague about an update you’ve been expecting to receive, follow up with your coworker. Propose recurring meetings as a next step to streamline communication and keep the project on task for completion.

When working on practical aspects of work, it’s imperative to keep your colleagues informed about your progress with regard to tasks and larger projects. Take a break from your Slack or Google Chat channel to eliminate confusion and chaos, and pick up the phone or schedule a Zoom call to touch base.

Every communication that you have with your colleagues is an opportunity to develop and nurture relationships with your work. The more you establish relationships with individuals, the more respect they will give you, enjoy working with you and remember you for future projects.

Pitch out new ideas and projects beyond routine tasks

Now is the perfect time to show your value not just to your manager but to your organisation as a whole as well. Pitch new ideas and projects beyond your typical tasks and responsibilities in order to reinforce your skills and complete professional development.

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