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Key Steps For Building A More Inclusive Company

David Law

Thu, 2 Jul, 2020

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The world celebrates diversity and inclusion with the month of Pride each June. Pride month takes a positive stand against discrimination and mistreatment of lesbian , gay , bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ+) individuals. It promotes diversity and inclusion across all spheres of life.

This year we are experiencing an acceleration in demands for a more equal society in the midst of a pandemic that has seen seismic shifts in our workplaces, notably through the black lives matter movement.

We hear from our clients that while the COVID-19 affects hiring, it is providing  some People & Culture teams time to look at their hiring policies and take steps to become more diverse and inclusive.

The companies that can change course quickly and adapt to the new challenges are likely to be those that have teams with a rich diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. For diversity the business case is both clear and compelling. Research shows that diversity is capable of driving revenue, profitability and creativeness.

Here are some tips on how to recruit and hire talent from under-represented groups and how to build diversity and inclusion in your business: diversify your recruiting 

Mix up your sourcing

Whilst most businesses are going to have good intentions when it comes to hiring, there are some items you can do that obstruct your plan for a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Job descriptions 

  • If they don’t, you might be discouraging a variety of candidates who don’t meet every single requirement but still do a great job.

Check in on your biases 

  • Some strategies for some companies will work better than others, so try them out, measure your success, and tweak them as you go.

  • At the interview stage, a diverse group of interviewers can show that you are committed to different viewpoints and helps to reduce unconscious bias 

  • A well devised interview process and training can reduce your hiring time and reduce bias 

  • Also, check out this free resource on LinkedIn Learning: Unconscious Bias 

Build a diversity and inclusion culture 

  • Develop a code of conduct that creates an inclusive culture: Regular employee surveys can shed light on how the core values of your company align with the different voices in your company and can address areas of concern 


  • Cut out bias in management processes: To our horror, only 36% of women of colour say their managers even give them advice on how to move forward at work. According to the Women in the Workplace report, those who received the coaching were more likely to move up the corporate ladder. 

  • Audit performance management practises for possible biases, and implement management training to ensure fair treatment for all people.


  • Continue learning: Consider identifying and recruiting managers who have already been successful in leading diverse teams and encouraging them to teach a course on what they have faced and how they have made it work.

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