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Do we still need the human factor in recruitment?

Jasmine Wiklander

Mon, 28 Jun, 2021

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Digital-led recruitment is the cutting edge of the talent industry—but a sustainable talent strategy still depends on the human factor. For better engagement, retention, and growth, we need to make relationships the highest priority.

Technology has decidedly reshaped today’s recruitment world. Nowadays, leading recruiters rely on digital tools like machine learning and AI for the basic building blocks of talent sourcing.

This transformation of the industry is, in many ways, big progress— but it also has its limits. And we shouldn’t forget the durable foundation of recruitment: real connections with people.

How tech tools have transformed recruitment.

Big changes are most evident in the bits of recruitment that have always been somewhat mechanical and monotone: sourcing, screening, pre-testing. Now, repetitive but necessary actions (like trawling through endless profiles or weeding out a monumental candidate pool) are, to varying degrees, automated. 

For example, any search on LinkedIn is already curated by your computer and search settings to be as efficient as possible. Data analytics also allow you to customise your standards for any job and filter candidates with less effort.

With automated search and selection methods, you can access a greater candidate pool and use more specific parameters— which means more chances of finding the right people. It also makes it easier to add diversity and boost productivity.

Tech tools free up time and resources. Typically, CV screening takes as long as 23 hours for just one position. Machine learning cuts down on this time, resulting in less time to hire and lower costs to the company. This also helps recruiters stay flexible and focused on what matters most: building a smart and long-term talent strategy for success.

But not everything is quite so rosy…

Human relationships still matter.

Relying too much on the tech side of things risks neglecting pivotal human connection. We believe that, despite the benefits of tech tools in recruitment, there is no substitute for building strong relationships.

We’re not alone in this. Expert surveys show that, in the age of data, 81% of recruiters still believe people skills are crucial. We also know at least 49% feel tech is holding them back from making real connections.

Technology helps us focus our energy where it matters most: strategic and sustainable action to build strong teams. But it has limits: it can’t engage candidates and employees, can’t drive interaction and connection, can’t create trust and commitment to the business. Only human recruiters can do that.

As we stride further into the world of AI and automation, we need to remember one principle: technology should serve people, not the other way around.
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