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Seven Tips To Get Yourself Ready For An Online Assessment

Kathleen Beddoes

Tue, 28 Sep, 2021

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More and more companies are using assessments to work out if candidates are the right fit for the job and/or the company. Sometimes it can be the one thing that lets a candidate down when trying to secure their dream role.

We’ve put together 7 important tips to keep in mind when preparing for an online assessment.

  • Practice. The myth that there is no way to prepare for an assessment is not true. Practice the assessments and tests that you can find online and you will understand what to expect, you will complete them faster, and you will know what to pay attention to. Taking a free online IQ test is also very good practice. Make sure you understand what an aptitude test entails and practice them so you become familiar with them.
  • Get Plenty Of Sleep. Perhaps the best preparation for an assessment is to rest well. Be sure you have a good night’s sleep before the assessment. You will thank yourself.
  • Early Bird. Book your assessment in the morning – most people have high energy and concentration levels in the morning. If this is you, make sure you book your assessment in the morning before the midday slump.
  • Back Yourself. Do your best to prepare for the test, but more importantly, believe in yourself. When completing an assessment, nerves can be a killer, but allowing yourself to trust and believe in yourself allows you to largely avoid them. If you are already convinced you will fail the assessment before it starts, your self-confidence will be undermined and you will most likely fail.
  • Do Not Underestimate It. Be confident in your abilities, but don’t take them lightly. Prepare well for the assessment and take all assignments seriously. A company will never hire you if it is clear you are only making a half-hearted attempt.
  • Limit Your Distractions. The last thing you want is to be disturbed right in the middle of your assessment. You need to focus. Block the time out in your diary, find a quiet space, make sure your laptop is fully charged, ear phones are handy. Turn your phone to aeroplane mode.
  • Don’t Take It Personally. At the end of the day an assessment is not only to find out if you have the experience and skills to do the job but also it’s to find out if you will be the right fit – will YOU actually thrive in the role? So if you don’t get it, don’t sweat it. Something better will come along.

Now get prepping and good luck!

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