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Why Your Business Needs Employer Branding Now

David Law

Tue, 25 May, 2021

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Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Action is the foundational key for all success’— and this is particularly true for employer branding and talent acquisition in a post-Covid world.

What used to be a tried and true recruitment practice — posting a job ad and filtering through applicants is not enough anymore. In 2021, your company needs to take a proactive, strategic approach to attract talent.

What you, as an employer, bring to the table is what’s going to bring in the talent you need to grow. To acquire top talent, you need to build a reputation as an exceptional employer. You need to invest in your employer brand.

Employer branding and why it matters.

What is your employer brand? In short— your reputation among employees and potential employees, which either attracts or deters people from working for you.  

Whether you devote time and resources to it or not, your employer brand has a life of its own. Neglecting it means you aren’t in control of your narrative and how you’re perceived. In the long run, a poor employer brand makes hiring and retaining talent a problem.

Employer branding is the process of refining your reputation as a place to work. It involves defining and communicating your culture and values as well as the special opportunities you offer.

Why it matters: the right talent is what propels your business into growth. Today, top talent is drawn to employers who provide aligned environments and development opportunities. To stay ahead of the curve, you can’t be quiet, you need to  be using all the right channels to tell your story. 

Why you should have an employer branding strategy.

Nowadays, the tech and digital job markets are highly competitive. To stand out from your competitors (who are likely working on employer branding themselves), your company needs to be a noticeably attractive workplace.

Top talent— the kind you need to engage to expand— is in the position to pick and choose the best employers for them. If talent chooses you instead of the other way around, there’s no way around building a strong employer brand.

A Glassdoor report shows just how important employer branding has become. The data states 75% of job seekers are more likely to apply to a position if the company manages their employer brand. It’s one of the key factors affecting recruitment.

If your company doesn’t devote resources to refining this reputation, you will lose your best candidates to the competition. Over time, this results in less growth and a vicious cycle of worse reputation, a narrower candidate pool, and higher costs.

Conversely, crafting a solid employer branding strategy is a way to long-term success, reduced costs, and sustainable expansion. It’s worth investing in — just as you would in commercial marketing — to maximise results.

Employer branding is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires ongoing work: improving the candidate and employee experience, creating original ways to communicate with talent, and evolving with authenticity.

Fulcrum helps you elevate your employer brand.

At Fulcrum, we help you define and improve your employer brand with an eye on long-term sustainability. Having partnered with digital and tech companies in all stages of development, we have the tools and experience to craft a tailored strategy and action plan to engage top talent.

We work by embedding a team of experts that interface with your innate talent function. This gives us a balanced picture of your internal brand and, paired with external research, provides concrete data to support your employer brand upgrade. 

We’re in it for the long haul: our flexible subscription model ensures you get an effective, aligned team and adaptability for long-term, organic growth.

Our process starts with conducting thorough research, collecting holistic data. This gives our creatives the foundation to reboot your strategy and allows our communicators to build the right action steps. Our expert team has a clear focus: to elevate your employer brand from within.

Our employer branding service for growth.

We’ve designed a holistic and scalable strategy to build diverse, motivated teams. Our passion: matching ambitious companies with talented professionals to create growth and sustainability. Employer branding is a key component of our integrated approach.

Our employer branding services include:

  • Innovative candidate experience: we use video tools to provide a seamless experience, boost diversity, reduce hiring costs and save you time.
  • Video and photography: we provide you with quality images and video to drive up engagement and bring your brand to life.
  • Content: our experts build your reputation as an industry leader through well-researched, aspirational written content.
  • Social media strategy: we help your business stand out in the social media sphere— a crucial function in our increasingly virtual world.

At Fulcrum, we’re devoted to your long-term success. To elevate your employer branding strategy and engage better talent— start working with us today.

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